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Terms and conditions



These terms and conditions are applicable to the sales-purchase contracts of goods ordered from OÜ Kirkland’s toys e-store at www.mä ( Relations between Mä representative OÜ Kirkland and purchasing customers are regulated by the general terms and conditions provided for by OÜ Kirkland as well as legislation applicable in the Republic of Estonia. The terms and conditions are equally applicable to all purchasing customers. The terms and conditions are valid until December 31, 2014.



Terms and conditions prepared by OÜ Kirkland:


Terms and conditions of orders


1. Orders are executed by persons purchasing from the Mä e-store (hereinafter the Buyer) and by Mä representative OÜ Kirkland (hereinafter the Seller). The formalization of an order is equal to entering into a sales-purchase contract.



1.2 Entry into force of contracts. The Buyer will submit orders electronically, adding the relevant product into a virtual shopping cart. Orders will be formalized upon the Buyer clicking the Confirm Order link. Based on an order, the relevant sales-purchase contract will be deemed as entered into upon the Seller’s acceptance thereof. The Seller will be deemed as having accepted an order upon the moment when an order confirmation is sent to the Buyer and no later than upon the delivery of the ordered goods to the Buyer.


2. Price


The prices of products sold in the Mä e-store will be provided in euros and include VAT. SmartPost or Post24 fee for postal service of EUR 2.5 shall be added to all purchases. Ordering the goods by the DPD express, a transport charge EUR 5 will be added. If the price of a purchase exceeds 95 EUR, the goods will be delivered for free to the Buyer at their noted address in Estonia. If the Buyer picks up their purchased good at the Seller’s office (Kadaka tee 54, Tallinn), transport fees will not apply.



3. Paying for purchases


The Buyer will pay for their purchases to OÜ KIRKLAND’s bank account stated for the Buyer in an invoice annexed to their order confirmation. Purchases can also be paid for via a bank link. The Seller reserves the right to cancel an order if the Buyer has not paid for the purchase by no later than the payment date noted on the relevant invoice.



4. Term for execution of orders


If the Buyer chose Post24 or SmartPost as the relevant means of delivery, the Seller will commence with the execution of the relevant order after payment has been made to the Seller’s bank account. The term of delivery will start upon the moment when payment for the relevant order has been received on OÜ KIRKLAND’s bank account. The term for the execution of orders for goods in stock is approximately 1-3 working days. The delivery term for goods that are being ordered into stock is up to 60 days. If ordered goods cannot immediately be dispatched from storage as one delivery, the Seller will send the ordered goods to the Buyer in more than one delivery. In such case, courier fees will be applicable only to the first delivery.

The Seller will not be liable if the importer of the goods decides to stop the import of the ordered goods into Estonia. In such case, the Buyer will not have to pay for the ordered goods. A zero invoice will be issued for the ordered goods which will not bring about any obligations to the Buyer.



5. Delivery of goods


The Seller will be obligated to deliver the ordered goods only within the territory of the Republic of Estonia. The goods will be delivered to the Buyer by a DPD courier, Post24 or SmartPost. Having selected Post24 or SmartPost as the means of delivery, the Buyer will receive a notification text message or e-mail when the goods arrive. The DPD courier will call the Buyer when the goods arrive.

Ordering goods by SmartPost, SmartPost’s home page enables the Buyer to check when their parcel will reach their selected parcel terminal. Ordering by SmartPost before 10 PM, the order will be placed in a SmartPost locker on the next day.

Ordering by Post24, Eesti Post’s home page enables the Buyer to check when their parcel will reach their selected parcel terminal. Ordering by Post24 before 7.30 PM, the order will be placed in a Post24 locker on the next day.


6. Return of goods


Within 14 days of when the goods were delivered to the Buyer, the Buyer will have the right to withdraw, without stating a reason, from the sales-purchase contract entered into on the basis of an order. The Buyer will have the right to exchange the received goods for another product of the same value. To withdraw from a contract, the Buyer must submit to the Seller a relevant written application via e-mail ( or by filling out the return form at Mä and, thereafter, return the ordered goods to the Seller. Upon withdrawal from a contract, within 14 days, the Seller will refund the Buyer the price of the goods. The Seller will not refund the Buyer the courier fee of the ordered goods.


The returned goods must not be used and the goods must be in an unopened original packaging. The returned goods and their packaging must not be damaged in any way. Damaged goods or goods in a damaged packaging cannot be returned.


The Seller will have the right to withdraw from a sales-purchase contract based on an order if the ordered goods are out of stock. Upon withdrawal from a contract, the Seller will refund the price of the goods to the Buyer by no later than within 14 days to a bank account indicated by the Seller.


7. Warranty


The Seller will provide the ordered goods with a warranty prescribed by the law. In the case of consumer contracts, the Seller will be liable for the goods’ unconformity with the relevant contract terms and conditions during two years from when the goods were delivered to the Buyer. The warranty will be valid only when presented with a sales invoice or order confirmation. Should deficiencies appear, the Buyer will have the right to demand that the Seller exchange the goods. If the relevant goods are not exchangeable, the Buyer will have the right to withdraw from the contract. The warranty will not be applicable if deficiencies are caused by inexpedient or wrong usage or normal wear and tear of the goods. The warranty will not be applicable if the goods have been damaged by not following the maintenance instructions in the relevant user manual. Should the Buyer discover a product’s unconformity with applicable requirements, the Buyer will be obligated to file, without delay, a notification thereof within two months. If the Buyer has used the product after the deficiency became apparent, the Buyer’s complaints will not be satisfied.


8. Ownership


Until paid for in full, the goods are the property of the Seller.

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