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Wavy tactile path - Physical movement development

Wavy tactile path

Wavy tactile path

143.70 USD

Weplay Wavy tactile path, inspired by country roads, Wawy tactile path

intends to bring the Nature into children`s life. The protruding textures

on the top stimulate users soles and help physical development. This

product is non-directional, hence it can be used to create either straight

of winding routes. The wavy slopes with tactile textures are designed

based on the ergonomics of the foot arch, and thus good for balance,

movement coordination and tactile perception. Wavy Tactile Path is

especially good for streches of flat feet. NB! Maximum loading 80kg.


Components: 8pcs / set in a hand carry-bag

Age: children from 1 year

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